Although acupressure holds its roots in ancient China, it is slowly becoming popular as a holistic healing method. Acupressure involves the application of pressure to pressure points on the body to relieve stress and soothe patients. In Chinese traditional medicine this involves the control and balance of Chi, or life energy, although acupressure concepts are also used in such sciences as reflexology which suggest pressure points are directly connected to organs and regions of the body.
Acupressure is a very safe technique and can even be performed on oneself. It is a complimentary medicine that is used in conjunction with many sports medicine practices. There are several variations of this concept which are used today, but most practices require several seconds of pressure to be applied to an area to relieve tensions. Acupressure is comparable to massage and chiropractic techniques in that it relieves muscle tensions and tightness. It can also help a patient to find relaxation and inner peace.
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