Energy Healing (Reiki)

One of the five domains of complimentary and alternative medicines recognized by the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine is energy medicine. This form of medicine varies through a wide range of philosophies, origins, and methods, but can be broken into two categories; putative, or pertaining to theoretical energies, and veritable, pertaining to known forms of energy such as electromagnetism.
Putative energy healing includes a number of methods including acupuncture, biofield energy healing, qi gong, and Reiki, all of which are related to the management and healing of the conceptual "Qi," an element very similar to Ayurvedic Prana. These practices lie in the belief that spiritual healing and calmness can lead to a quicker recovery from medical disease and could be theorized to be loosely tied to the damaging effects of mental and emotional stress on a physical recovery.
Veritable energy medicines include magnet and light therapy as well as cymatic therapy, or the use of sound waves for healing purposes. Again, all of these therapies can be traced back to concepts of relaxation and calmness and the ability to overcome stresses. Cymatic therapy shares many traits with music therapy in that they both facilitate sound waves and pulses to improve mental clarity.
Many alternative medicines remain unproven and lacking mainstream scientific evidence, however energy healing is a popular field with many practitioners and patients. Several people use these therapies as well as more commonly accepted and known methods to improve their mental clarity and emotional balance which can in turn result in a faster and more efficient medical recovery.
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