Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy, or magnetotherapy, is an alternative medicine which focuses on the effects of static magnetic fields on the human body. Magnetotherapists claim that the magnetic fields produced by permanent magnets can have a lasting and beneficial effect on one's health. Despite being considered pseudoscientific due to its physical and biological implausibility, magnetotherapy is a popular therapy throughout the world.
Magnetic therapy is believed to affect a patient's blood flow as hemoglobin is the only product within the human body to carry a magnetic charge. Magnetotherapy can be found in some unique forms, such as magnetite rings and other jewelry. It is also common to find magnetotherapy in very conventional uses such as magnetic blankets, shoe insoles, braces and straps, and even water which has been charged magnetically.
Magnetotherapy effects a theorized "electromagnetic energy balance" though no such balance has been acknowledged by modern medicine. As the human body does contain traces of iron and other polarized materials, it is easy to see how such therapy could be deemed assistive.
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