Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine is a series of techniques designed to compliment and enhance a medical process. These mind-body interventions have oftentimes been approved by the US NCCAM, or National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Several of these techniques have gone on to become mainstream methods.
Mind-body medicine includes psychological and spiritual healing methods such as hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, journaling, visualization, support groups, meditation, and prayer. Art, music, and dance have also been considered as mind-body therapies. Mind-body interventions are built on the philosophies found throughout global cultures that our bodies are connected to and controlled by our minds and that psychological and mental health and clarity can aid in recovering from disease and ailment.
Mind-body therapies are built on any of a number of schools of thought. Some therapies such as visualization and meditation are built on the idea that visualizing and imagining positivity and clarity can result in physical fitness and health. Many of these sciences have grown in popularity in recent years as ways to combat stress and the harmful effects stress can have on the human body. As clinical studies continue to roll in proving that stress is a harmful environmental factor, the popularity of these methods continues to increase.
This goes on to include yoga and dances as stress relievers. By combining mental clarity with physical stretching and release these sciences take the concept of meditation to the next level combining it with specific movements and motions. Although receiving a recent influx of popularity, these methods are built on years of practice and growth.
Hypnosis is also structured on the ideas of mental clarity assuming a mind can be "programmed" to think clearly and positively. Prayer is a much deeper spiritual methodology where individuals oftentimes receive strength from their faith and perhaps even a higher power.
Although many of these methods are self-empowered and rely on personal mental strength to execute, methods like aromatherapy use chemicals such as essential oils, herbs, and incense to initiate inner peace. Aromatherapy is often paired with meditation and yoga therapies as a catalyst to aid in achieving a positive state of mind. Processes like acupuncture can be viewed in a similar light as additions to pre-existing therapies and medications.
Mind-body interventions are widely accepted and suggested by several medical professionals. The benefits of these activities have been proven by years of practice and leave patients feeling relaxed and happy.
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