Reflexology, also commonly known as zone therapy, is an extremely popular alternative medicine. It is a form of massage involving specific points on a patient's feet and hand. Pressure is applied to these points to relieve pain and discomfort throughout the body. Reflexology is based on the concept that the entire body is connected to specific points on the foot. It is believed by reflexologists that the body is broken into ten equal vertical zones (five on the left and right respectively). Reflexology massage is proposed only as a complimentary treatment and never to replace conventional medical care.
Several different views of reflexology exist, some stating that physical connections lie between the zones of the body and the feet and hands, and others which state that reflexology is a way to offset blockages of a patient's life force which can hinder the natural healing process. Some even claim that the massage induced on the patient's foot results in the release of chemicals and nervous signals which can reduce pain and stress on the body.
Dating back to North American native tribes as well as Far Eastern civilization, reflexology has been practiced for over 5000 years by early holistic doctors. Reflexology is a quickly growing alternative medicine practice and one of the most embraced forms of massage and therapy.
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